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Custom OEM Capabilities

TTL is capable of designing custom tooling and implementing custom manufacturing processes to meet your requirements. In addition, we have hundreds of existing designs for 60,000 of applications from nearly two decades of experience. Because our cables are custom designed, we are able to provide you with exactly what is specified i.e. logos, lengths, colors, packaging and labeling (identification), quantities large or small. We have a quick turnaround time for sampling and mass production, depending on your need. Our modern facilities, and R&D teams work within a rigid international manufacturing standard. This enables us to quickly and efficiently bring quality products to our customers when and where they need them, while still providing competitive prices.

Quality Assurance

At TTL, quality is an integral part of everything we do. TTLs final goal is to manufacturer our cable assemblies with zero defects. We follow stringent international quality standards and have the same high expectations from our suppliers. TTL is able to implement
Cost Down actions while working on our Quality Up projects by implementing the following quality assurance programs:

Process Control - (TQM)
" Emergency process flow
" Continuous quality and responsive improvements through:
   - 5S Techniques
   - TQC - Total Quality Control
   - QCS - Quality Circle System
   - CTQ - Critical to Quality Program
   - PDCA - Planning/Do/Check/Analyze
" Color Coded Management System

With our detailed quality assurance program in place, this allows us to better control each manufacturing process. All manufacturing procedures are properly examined, executed, recorded and documented to be analyzed daily/weekly/ monthly/ quarterly/yearly, thereby, eliminating any potential production errors that can impact cost, delivery and quality. TTL believes in taking that extra step, not only to meet but to exceed our customers¡¦ requirements. We are now taking the next step to prepare for QS 9000 and ISO 9002 approval.

Reliability and Traceability

TTLs reliable test centers have extensive analysis capabilities that is supported by state-of-the-art equipment. Inspections and tests are on-going during the manufacturing process to ensure consistent quality and eliminating any defects from being customer problems. TTL has a thorough tracking system in place to identify workmanship history for every lot of finished goods. We are pleased to say that every manufacturing process and all incoming materials are 100% traceable and all documentations are retained for a minimum of 3 years for tracking purposes.